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Worthington will continue to be natural and sustainable, as we value parks, green space, outdoor activities, and sustainability


Parks/Recreation/Greenspace rank highly as a reason people choose to live in Worthington. Respondents seem split on whether we need to maintain our existing parks/recreation/greenspace, enhance our existing, or create new parks/greenspace in addition to the existing parks/greenspace. Sustainability seems to be an important topic in the City.


  • The City currently has 20 parks and maintains over 221 acres.
  • Public participants were torn between improving existing facilities (new restrooms, general clean up/renovations) and creating new greenspace/rec/park areas.
  • Approximately 50% of public survey respondents said parks are a #1 item important to them for quality of life in Worthington.
  • Some public input was hesitant about development/high rises due to affecting greenspace.

Key Questions:

  • How would you propose to pay for improvements/new acquisition of park land?
  • Do our parks need more amenities (like shelters, restrooms, and playgrounds) or just open space?
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