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Worthington will harness and better organize the engaged community groups, allowing them to focus on all working towards the common goal of a better Worthington.


Intra-Community Coordination was discussed in just about all forms of our public participation. There are a lot of educated, engaged people working within their organizations and/or non-profits to make Worthington a better place to work, live and play.


  • This has been talked about in all forms of in-person public input as very important to visioning; however, in the public survey, it was ranked as least important (along with Governance) as an element to focus on during visioning.
  • Public input events had people saying coordination was most important between the City and the Schools.
  • The highest ranked #1 reason (43% of respondents) people are moving to Worthington is the schools.

Key Questions

  • How do you see the City working with the schools, non-profits, businesses, developers, and others?
  • What do you believe limits better intra-community coordination?
  • How would you drive consensus between the various intra-community interest groups?
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