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The need for Critical Mass

by Mick Ball,

We want Worthington to thrive. We need attractions that draw people from other communities to visit and spend money in Worthington. We want Worthington to have a reputation of being "Open for Business". We need to send the message "Worthington is going to make to Mae it easy for you to relocate and do business here."

Worthington has great schools. Our schools are supported by strong property values, both residential and commercial. Moving forward we need more the right kind of office space to attract businesses with high paying jobs.

Worthington is a place where people want to live, work and be entertained. An interdependent relationship exists between Businesses who want a loyal and talented Labor Pool; the Labor Pool who want to live in a thriving community with lots of amenities; and Commercial entities that provide those amenities but require lots of customers for survival. This raises the issue of Critical Mass or Density - a requirement to support the attractions and amenities that we all want.

People have historically been drawn to Worthington because of the schools and sense of community here.The Schools are dependent on property values. If commercial property values fall, the schools suffer and we've lost one of the communities main assets.

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