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Growing My Own Roots

by LauraAbu-Absi,

I first moved to the Columbus area after college for a paid internship and planned to move back to Northwest Ohio after the year-long program was over. My plans quickly changed as my career trajectory evolved and I grew to know more about the region and all it had to offer.

Starting off in the area in my mid-20s, I rented in various parts of Columbus for several years. After living in the German Village/Merion Village area for five years, I was ready to put down roots and buy a home. My criteria: inside the outerbelt and easily connected to the city of Columbus, strong schools, close to nature, and walkable. It's no surprise Worthington was where I ended up!

I lived here for two years before my first child was born and we are now a part of the Worthington school district. While I felt tied to the community before my Kindergartener ventured off to become a Colonial Hills Cougar, our roots are now more deeply entrenched in the community. I'm looking forward to spending many more years here.

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